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The main expertise of APAC MC is helping financial companies to succeed in the Chinese market.

Most of our financial clients operate in or around the FX Industry: Forex and binary option brokers, liquidity and fintech providers, and money managers.

Here are some of the clients we served

These are our services


We can advise the Board and the heads of compliance, documentation, CS, sales, trading, IT and marketing departments to plan and execute a successful entry into the Chinese market.

Chinese office formation

We can register a legal entity in China for you, which will let you have physical contact with your potential clients and the ability to hire a local sales and customer support team.

Post-incorporation services

Outsource to us the administrative requirements of your Chinese office, from accountancy and tax filing to HR, to trademark registration. You should concentrate on your business.

Executive Search

This service is very specialized, so we only offer it to companies operating in the financial services industry. We can help you to source the country manager or the head of sales for China.


Our marketing division will help you to plan and execute your digital marketing strategy via all channels available in China, which are completely different from the rest of the world.

Payment Processing

In most cases foreign financial services companies cannot accept Chinese client’s funds in China. We can help you to find a partner to process deposits and withdrawals for you.

Web latency

This is a common problem for all foreign companies entering China. We can help you to check and improve the speed of your website and trading platforms from China.

Translation services

We can help you to translate or review your documentation and website aimed at the Chinese public. We also offer interpretation services for your business trips into China.

Liquidity and technology providers

We advise providers about business opportunities in China. We also advise international and Chinese brokers on the best solutions available.

Our testimonials

  • "APAC are a great resource to use; their understanding of the market and network simply makes doing business that much easier."
    Stuart Cooke
    Head of Partners
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    Jane Doe
    Jane, the executive
  • "Foreign companies who approach China cannot give up on working with local experts. Eugenio and Rocky shared deep knowledge and saved us precious time understanding our industry in China, from localized go-to-market to structuring our operations"
    Itai Damti
    Managing Director, Asia Pacific - Leverate
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    Jackie Doe
    Jackie, the accountant
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    John Doe
    John, the thinker
  • "APAC MC helped us to setup our presence in China and found the right GM for us. They advised us about many administrative and strategic subjects. Their friendly and professional style is a breath of fresh air in the challenging Chinese market."
    Matan Shvili
    Co-founder -