We are committed to meet our customers’ requirements with timely delivery of quality translation, proof reading and interpretation from English to Chinese. We only use mother tongue translators. We understand that it is not enough to translate your words, we should also localize your ideas for the Chinese public. Therefore, we are always meticulous in translating the text with a natural feel rather than word for word.

Translation and localization to Chinese

Fees for English to Chinese translation are quoted in terms of USD per thousand (expected) Chinese words.

Translation level Appropriate for Fee
Reading Email, letters and informal material. 26 USD
Business Company introduction, product specification, courtesy translation of legal contracts, audit report, bid/tender document, website. 44 USD
Professional Financial, Medicine, chemistry, chemical industry, machinery, computer technology, aviation, literature, legal contracts 66 USD
Publishing Materials to be published 88 USD


Please note that the average ratio between English and Chinese words is 1 to 1.8. For example, if you ask us to translate 20,000 English words at Business level, we will expect to produce 20,000 * 1.8 = 36,000 Chinese words circa. In such case the fee would be 36 * 42 USD = 1512 USD.

Interpretation services

Our interpreting services are requested by our English speaking customers willing to communicate efficiently with Chinese counter-parties. Typically, this service is used for small groups, or one-on-one meetings, such as seminars, interviews, training sessions, business meetings, medical consultation, marriage registration, press releases, court hearings.

We advise our clients to contact us in advance to book the interpreter, with the details of the type of meeting, city, dates, and any other information that might help us to quote you and to select the right interpreter for you.

If you wish to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.