We provide consulting and finder services for buy-side and sell-side corporate finance transactions, including acquisitions of shares or assets, exits, mergers, group consolidations, debt financing, capital raising.


Our team can find the right target for you, assist with the due diligence, and guide you until completion. Assigning certain tasks to us will shorten the time frame and reduce the legal costs.


If you want to sell your shares or assets (including Client books), we can find the right buyer for you, assist you to put together the Data Room for the due diligence, and more.

Capital Raising

Whether you are a revenue generating business, or a start-up, we can help you to find an investor to inject fresh capital in the company, or to replace a shareholder.

Corporate Loans

We have access to non-bank institutions willing to finance your growth with corporate loans, convertible bonds, and more.


If you are looking to yield, we have a very differentiated portfolio of opportunities, from commercial real estate, to distressed loans, from plug and play refineries to virtual reality.

We have provided consulting and finder services for corporate finance transactions in financial services, fintech, commercial real estate, health-tech, SaaS, and more.

We are familiar with transactions that require regulatory approval; for example: companies holding financial services licenses issued by its country's regulator.
Please note that we do not provide financial advice, but upon request we can be engaged through our partners which hold licenses to provide financial advice on corporate finance, by their respective regulators.