Second Passport & Permanent Residency
The reasons for choosing to obtain a second passport or permanent residence in another country can be various: among the most popular are the reasons related to business or to a better standard of living for oneself and for the family.
Also, someone may want to have more freedom to travel flexibly without obtaining a visa every time. In any case, having a second home as a safety option in case of adverse events in the future, is always a wise choice.
Obtaining citizenship and passport from another country brings some additional benefits over residency alone. In addition to advantages such as having the same travel rights as native citizens of the country and the right to vote, there are also rights such as free education and health care.
Some of our programs make the process of acquiring citizenship very short.
Many opt for applying permanent residence on the grounds that, although it is easier to obtain as it does not require financial or other obligations, it grants many of the rights associated with citizenship, such as the right to travel and reside in the country. freely, do business, buy property, etc.

The fastest and easiest way to secure a new residence is without a doubt investing in the country of choice. 

This solution provides several options adapted to all types of budgets or personal needs: between real estate or corporate investments, bank deposits or the purchase of government bonds, we are sure that we will be able to find the right program for you and your financial goals.


Thanks to our experience we are able to provide our customers with a complete and updated offer
so as to find the best solutions for each specific case.

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