In addition to being a beautiful Caribbean paradise, Grenada offers a very attractive citizenship-by-investment program, which, while retaining the advantages of other programs in the region, offers special benefits such as the possibility of obtaining a US non-immigration visa and even entering China without a visa.
The program is also distinguished by the lowest investment requirements in the Caribbean region, a quick and easy application, the no need to travel to the island during the process or reside there to maintain citizenship, and finally the non-taxation of world income and the ability to include family members in the application.
The process of obtaining the Grenada Gold Passport is one of the fastest, with an average time of 3-4 months. There are two options when it comes to the required investment: a non-refundable donation or a real estate investment.

The first option is the easiest and fastest, with a decision made in about 60 days and the passport delivered after another 10 days.

For real estate investment, the approval times depend on the progress of the project in which you want to invest.

For either option, no previous managerial experience is required to apply and it's not necessary go to the island during the process.

A non-refundable donation made to the National Transformation Fund for a minimum of USD 200,000 is the easiest way to obtain a Grenada passport. If you choose to invest in real estate instead, you will have to buy a property in a government approved project for at least USD 350,000 and maintain it for 3 years.
To the amounts above must be added due diligence fees of USD 5,000 plus government processing fee of USD 1,500 and a passport application fee of USD 1,750.

Furthermore, for the real estate option, there is an additional government fee of US $ 50,000 for a family of 4 people.