The popular tourist destination of Malta is one of the best options for obtaining a residency or a second citizenship. Living and owning a property on the island is very attractive due to its history, breathtaking landscape, high standard of living, and excellent air link network. Residents of Malta can move freely within the Shengen area and take advantage of free commercial exchanges within the European Union. Maltese citizenship allows you to live, work, study, and own properties throughout the EU, and even travel visa-free to a large number of countries. Maltese residency and citizenship programs are an excellent opportunity given their speed, simplicity, and value for money.
Malta's investment residency program is very straightforward and has the fastest processing times in Europe, averaging 4 to 6 weeks. You must pay an upfront, non-refundable fee of EUR 5,500 at the time of submitting your application which will cover the rigorous due diligence process. Once the application is approved, the rest of the required investments are paid and the residence permit is finally received.
During the time of the procedure you will have to go to Malta only once to leave the biometric data to the authorities. After that, once the residence has been acquired, there is no obligation to live on the island, but you will only have to keep the acquired residential property. The residence permit is initially valid for 5 years, but it is renewable indefinitely, while the investment must be maintained for at least the first 5 years.
Malta's Investment Residency Program is based on 3 transactions. The first prevede an amount of 250,000 EUR to be invested in state-guaranteed government bonds that will be returned after 5 years.

The second is a non-repayable grant of 30,000 EUR, from which the 5,500 EUR paid at the beginning of the procedure are deducted.

The last transaction is the purchase or rental of a residential property to be maintained for the duration of the residence permit. If you decide to purchase real estate, the amount must be at least 320,000 EUR, while alternatively you can rent a property for at least 12,000 EUR per year.

The request for Maltese citizenship is closely linked to having previously obtained a residence permit: in fact, to start the citizenship application procedure, it is necessary to have obtained residency in the country at least 1 year earlier, even if this does not mean being physically present on the island.
Other requirements include maintaining a residential property in Malta for at least 5 years, as well as an investment in state-approved financial assets, and a grant.

After passing the due diligence, you will obtain Maltese citizenship, which can be passed on to all your descendants who will be born in the future.

To apply for Maltese citizenship through an investment, 3 transactions are required. The first concerns an investment to be maintained of at least 5 years of EUR 150,000 in government approved projects.

The second, which is also the most conspicuous, concerns paying a non-refundable contribution of 650.000 EUR to the Maltese National Development Fund.

The last transaction required is the one for the purchase or rental of a property in Malta, to be maintained for at least 5 years. If you decide to buy, the property must have a price of at least 350,000 EUR, if you rent it, you will have to opt for an outlay of at least 16,000 EUR per year.