The program for the residence permit in Portugal is one of the most attractive in Europe given its speed and affordability, as well as its undoubted usefulness due to the fact that it allows holders to travel and stay freely within the Schengen zone. Portugal, as well as being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, offers also an excellent education system, excellent health care and an extremely favorable environment for living and doing business.
This residency program, in addition to being one of the fastest and most affordable in the world, leads directly to obtaining citizenship after a certain period. In fact, after the acceptance of the application you will receive a temporary visa valid for 1 year and renewable twice for 2 years each. Then, at the end of the total 5 years, you will be entitled to permanent residence, and after another 1 year you can apply for Portuguese citizenship and passport.
During the application process, you will only have to travel to Portugal once, and after obtaining residency you will not need to live in the country, but only have to spend 7 days in the first year and 14 days in the next two years.
To acquire Portuguese residency through investment, you can choose to proceed in various ways: invest at least 500,000 EUR in local companies, buy properties for at least 500,000 EUR, donate a minimum of 250,000 EUR to support the artistic and cultural heritage, or a minimum of 350,000 EUR for research activities, create at least 10 jobs in Portugal or a capital investment in a Portuguese bank account of at least EUR 1 million.
In addition, you will have to pay a legal fee of EUR 20,000 for the principal investor and EUR 4,000 for each additional family member.