One of the biggest obstacles for foreign companies entering the Chinese market concerns the language: in this country it is not enough to translate words correctly, but it is necessary to interpret the message and adapt it to the local public.
We are committed to meeting the time needs of our clients by always providing the required jobs in a timely manner, whether it be quality translations, proofreading or interpretation from any language into Chinese.
We only use mother tongue translators who are expert in official translations, able to translate the texts meticulously, giving them a natural look and avoiding “cold” and rigid translations.
Our interpreting services are usually requested by foreign clients who are keen to
communicate efficiently with their Chinese counterparts.
This service is used for small groups or one-to-one meetings, such as seminars, interviews, training sessions, business meetings, medical consultations, wedding registrations,
press releases, hearings.
We advise our clients to contact us in advance to book an interpreter, with details of the type of meeting, city, dates and any other information that can help us to give you a quotation and select the right professional interpreter for you.
We are a one-stop solution for your market entry in China, the most reliable and effective partner for your business.